Trash: Week 6

If not for my stupid stomach, I would have been a zero waste rockstar this week. Unfortunately, I fell prey to the siren call of that wretched contraption, the vending machine. Yet again, better planning would have helped me avoid these items:


So what have we got this week:

-those little plastic thingies on top of toothpicks that are supposed to make them look pretty or festive or ensure that you don’t poke yourself with them. I’m not exactly sure their purpose.

-the top off of a lid of cream cheese. Curse you, bagels at the office!

-mini packets of butter. I keep getting hungry in the afternoon and making toast. I need to stop that.

-Life Without Plastic sticker. I got plastic-free toothbrushes form Life without Plastic, which I love. Unfortunately, the package had a non-recyclable sticker on it.

-Wax paper from a sandwich I got one morning while in a rush. Ugh, Starbucks, and your deliciously addictive sausage, egg and cheese sammiches.

-More bits from those Moleskines I was ripping up a few weeks ago.

-Tea trash. I was doing really well avoiding tea wrapped in non-recyclable packing until I went to meditation on Monday night and just really wanted some freaking tea (mostly because my hands were cold.)

-produce sicker and unidentifiable piece of plastic

-THE TERRIBLE RESULT OF CAVING TO FOOD CRAVINGS. Except when it comes to cheesy crackers, I’m never sorry. The gummies made my stomach hurt (serves me right), but I can never regret Cheez-Its.

ALSO: I STARTED WEIGHING MY TRASH. This week, it was a whopping 0.4 oz. Last week: 2.6 oz. Progress!


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