Minimalism Game: COMPLETE


It has come to my attention (thanks, Jesse!) that I never posted the results of my minimalism game here. Well guess what? I MADE IT! I am now 496 possessions lighter. Well…in theory. I still haven’t made it to the thrift store yet, but I picked a date to go. These things will soon be well on their way to enriching someone else’s life and providing profit to Philly AIDS Thrift’s efforts.

Most of the items I decided to give away were clothing and kitchen things. This included my collection of tupperware that I foisted upon Amber and her housemates (thanks, guys!). Some things were snatched up off the street by randos from Craigslist whom I never had the pleasure of meeting. Other things are going to the Bethesda Project, to the consignment shop and to Buffalo Exchange.

The project was hard, especially towards the end when I had to choose 20+ things per day to part with, but somehow I managed to keep finding things that I never used and didn’t want. I thought I would have to face some of the ridiculous items in my wardrobe that I just can’t get part with (mostly my oddball collection of Halloween costume pieces and accouterments), but it never really got to that point. Honestly, I could tackle a second month of this, I’m pretty sure, and get at least halfway through before balking completely and throwing in the towel. There are the wine and champagne glasses I use maybe twice a year, my still quite vast shoe collection, and all of the Beanie Babies and Breyer horses from my youth sitting in my parents’ attic…

Unfortunately, I can’t completely extoll the virtues of this project in terms of its impact on my life just yet. I STILL haven’t gotten everything out of my apartment and there are 5 garbage bags full of clothing sitting in my room. It’s not a pretty sight, folks:


But when they’re gone, I will feel soooooooo good. Anyone want to try this with me? I’ll totally do it again!


One thought on “Minimalism Game: COMPLETE

  1. I am paring down little by little, but I’ve been doing this for years so I don’t think I can go quite that extreme. I do try to go through at least one area of the house every week though, and it’s just insane how much stuff I find that we don’t need or use. Every. Single. Time.


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