Trash: Week 5

Sometimes I have arguments with my brain that go like:

zerowaste Ayse: Oh boy, look at me go. I’ve got a nice, healthy lunch packed in a mason jar. I’m saving money AND creating less waste. Woohoo!

hedonisticAyse: UGH. Chicken with sweet potatoes and kale again? I can’t even. Let’s go to Whole Foods and get sushi.

zerowasteAyse: No, but this is a healthy lunch and is way more delicious than sushi…sort of.

hedonisticAyse: Psh. Sushi is healthy. Plus, Whole Foods has chocolate.

zerowasteAyse: Oooooh. Chocolate.

hedonisticAyse: Exactly.

To conclude: there are quite a few sushi and chocolate remnants in this week’s trash. Take a look:


What all do we have here?

-wax paper from something

-foil from 3 bars of chocolate. Ok, there was a fourth bar and but I somehow misplaced the foil for that.

-more tin foil from that terrible coconut flour crust quiche

-coconut sugar. I bought it when I was doing this low carb diet thing. That didn’t last, and so the coconut sugar lingered. I’m using the remnants for a DIY shower scrub of some sort.

-packets of wasabi, soy sauce, mayonnaise and butter. I forget about condiments sometimes.

-tea, of course

-sticker from sushi

-cheesy peanut butter crackers (only one this week!)

-kombucha wrapper. Going to attempt making my own soon!

-the little plastic thingies that you find on top of certain varieties of toothpicks. I ordered a BLT and it came with these fancy but frustrating accessories.

-shrink wrap from a bar of soap I received as a gift

-the plastic lining inside boxes of tissues

-tape from the package I ordered containing my new, amazing plastic-free contact lens case

-metal bits from something

-one of those sleeves that umbrellas come in. I have no idea why umbrellas come with those other than for easy transport. You can never get them back in once you’ve taken it out so I think they’re quite useless

-more leftover Moleskine bits

-the sticker from the back of my retainer case, which I have since recycled

-the foam and snap enclosure from a jewelry case

-contact lenses and container foil tops. I may have accidentally forgotten to put contact lens fluid in the case one night, which is why there are two sets of these.

-more trash from my new phone adventures

-wrapper for a mint (there was tuna fish involved; I thought it was necessary at the time)

-The top from a bottle of activated charcoal tablets I purchased to add to my tooth powder recipe

-old earplugs

-bandaid remnants. You’re welcome again

-a security sticker of some kind. Not sure where from

-another plastic container seal, again not sure where from

With a little bit of effort, I can get this down even more. I have good feelings about next week’s waste totals.


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