Trash: Week 4

Here it is: week 4’s trash. A bit better in some areas, a bit worse in others.


So what do we have?

-More mangled Moleskine remains. I was (am?) a notebook/paper addict, clearly
-The leftover nonrecyclable innards of my last stick of deodorant
-The wasteful result of getting a new phone: lots of plastic bits and covers and stickers. A less wasteful option would have been getting something used, but the new iPhone made me all woozy and starry-eyed and I fell for its big screen and good looks. Still not immune to the ‘latest and greatest’ syndrome
-Tin foil from my failed attempt at making delicious quiche with a coconut flour crust. Warning: it tastes sweet so it’s not great for savory dishes
-Plastic from bacon I thought was only wrapped in paper, the plastic top off of some Parmesan cheese and a piece of wax paper from a tin of Shea butter I purchased to make homemade hand cream
-A broken hair elastic
-Leftover piece of my old hand cream tube and another piece of wax paper from said Shea butter
-More cheesy peanut butter crackers. I need to remember to bring a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack to tide me over between meals
-Prescription sticker
-Food-related waste, including: produce stickers, the plastic lip and lid from a finished bottle of olive oil, the plastic wrapper from the top of new bottles of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, sticker and tape from bacon mentioned above
-More tea, of course

I think I’m getting better and better at this, especially as I continue to figure out how to feed myself with less waste and as I use up old personal care products. My goal for next month is to keep all my waste for a whole month and document either all at the end of the month or on a biweekly basis (showing the accumulations over that period.)


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