Trash: Week 3

Let’s talk WoW. No no, not World of Warcraft. Waste of the Week. Here it is:

FullSizeRender (1)

Items include:

  • More tea bags
  • Wrappers and twisties and stickers and packaging from kale, chocolate, almond milk, sushi, chocolate, vinegar and…dun dun dun CHEESY PEANUT BUTTER CRACKERS (oh, the peanutmanity!)
  • Some present packaging. If you are reading this and you gave me those presents I LOVE THEM; YOU CAN’T HAVE THEM BACK xoxo
  • Using up personal care products like a boss. Except that bottle of hand cream that I mentioned last week–that’s the stuff I mentioned last week that Lauren swooped in and grabbed out of my hand and pointed out had parabens in it. Also: I had to take a hammer to a bottle of bodywash because the (nonrecyclable) lid, pictured here all mangled n stuff, was superglued or something to the base. Used up my facial scrub and hand cream, too. The downside to all of this: I now have to actually take the next step and make my own. I made that mistake with chapstick last week and didn’t actually make my own and a day later, my lips were a wreck. I caved and bought new chapstick. I need to get better at this…
  • More deconstructed notebook bits. Again, the cover was coated in plastic and I had to rip it to shreds to get to the cardboard core.
  • TOKEN BAGS. Oh, Philly. You and your outdated public transit payment system. I will kinda miss you when you’re gone and I no longer accidentally try to pay for things in automated kiosks thinking that you’re a nickel.
  • I saved my floss and a bandaid to share with you all. You’re welcome.

Though it’s not that obvious here (except perhaps by the absence of produce stickers), I ate total garbage this week (pun intended.) Between trying to go zero waste AND going plastic-free AND trying to half-assedly do Whole30 by not stocking my pantry with legumes, grains or dairy AND also trying to finish everything in my pantry like capers and poppy seeds and other weird shit AND starting Crossfit, I was hungry all the time and kind of sick of eating the same soups and chicken+sweet potato dishes that I’ve mostly been eating for the past 15 or so and having wicked cravings and was kinda cranky overall. The result: I have been eating packaged (but recyclable), processed crap and feel kinda gross and terrible. LET THIS BE A LESSON. Ease into things, folks.

Next week, I’m going to take a step back and regroup and do some meal planning and do this right. I anticipate more tea bag waste, more floss, more produce stickers, but hopefully less of everything else.


5 thoughts on “Trash: Week 3

  1. Oh my goodness, have I gone through these troubles before! My husband and I actually just started Lurong this past Monday, and that’s all I can keep my mind on. did you know though that you can send those produce stickers to a man in Colorado and he turns them into art? I plan on doing mine for that so It’s one less thing to throw away!


    1. I know…it’s rough. Are you doing the Starter, Pro or Elite challenge? It’s crazy hard…

      And tell me more about this man in Colorado. I don’t know if I’ll ever amass enough stickers to justify shipping them that far, but what a great idea!


      1. I’m trying to stick with elite as much as possible. I drink a bulletproof coffee every morning though so I have at least one pro a day.

        I think his name is Stickerman. All you have to do is put them on a sheet of paper and mail it. It shouldn’t be anymore than a forever stamp. Here’s the link though,


    1. Yes! I’ve been composting the bags, but am unsure which ones are organic or not. Also, so many of the wrappers are plastic or lined with foil! I’m going strictly loose tea in the future.

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