Trash: Week 2

Do you know what day it is? Yeah, that’s right. It’s trash day. What sorts of fun garbage do we have this week? Let me tell you.


Starting in the top left and moving clockwiseish:

  • wax paper bag from gluten-free goodies I got from Pure Fare before the holidays
  • inner lining to a Goldfish bag (have you ever dissected a Goldfish bag? Me neither…until this week. It’s kind of fascinating. There’s this extra piece of rigid cardboard inside that helps the bag keep its shape)
  • plastic bag from…dun dun dun…takeout
  • mangled Ziploc
  • little baggie that used to contain citric acid (I originally bought this to make mozzarella, but had a bunch left over that I got to incorporate into some homemade laundry detergent)
  • cut up plastic bits from the new and old insurance cards and a used up gift card
  • tape
  • the plastic backings off of Command hook stickies
  • produce stickers
  • the dissected/mangled covers of a Moleskine notebook
  • the plastic lining from the inside of a box of tissues
  • floss…yup
  • tea bags. Did you know that some tea bags are coated with or made of plastic that dissolves when immersed in hot water? Yeah. Kinda freaky. I got spooked and cut open a bunch of tea bags and emptied the tea leaves into a tin tea canister. I’m a little obsessed with tea, especially in the winter, so there will be a lot of tea-related waste in the coming weeks/months
  • Bandaid wrappers. I nicked myself with my new safety razor by accident and had to sop up the bleeding as I was dashing out the door. I didn’t save the bloody tissue I used in conjunction with the bandaid. You’re welcome.
  • the sticky part of two stickies. I don’t think these are recyclable, but I’d love to be told otherwise
  • a badge to get into City Hall this week
  • assorted plastic packaging and the nonrecyclable nozzle from dish soap
  • a goshdarn plastic straw

Not pictured here: terrible hand cream that my lovely coworker Lauren saved me from. That crap contains propylparaben and phenoxyethanol. Can you say that second one? Me neither. Lauren wrote an angry letter to the company condemning their greenwashing tactics. I might have to write an angry letter to Whole Foods for selling that stuff.

Aaaaaaand…that’s it! We’ll see what fun plastic things Week 3 brings.


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