Trash: Week 1

Here’s my trash from week 1!


There are some things missing, like the skin and bones from the whole chicken that I roasted then boiled into oblivion for chicken stock. Not included are also my attempts at making my own makeup from earlier this week (post on that fiasco forthcoming.) Other than that, this is everything: some soiled ziplock bags, the containers, foil tops, and scoops from my protein powder (which I transferred to mason jars), the plastic bag that the aforementioned chicken came in, the bag from the flounder I bought during my first attempt at zero waste grocery shopping, 2 incandescent lightbulbs (not recyclable :/), some flower food and a small foil-wrapped pat of butter that was at the bottom of the box that my craigslist mason jar finds came in, tinfoil, produce stickers and more.

It’s still a lot, but it’s a lot less now that I’m composting again, and I anticipate it will be even less once I fully transition out most of my packaged food and plastic possessions. I still have quiche wrapped in tin foil in the freezer, so more tin foil is coming.

Stay tuned for next week’s photo!


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