Wasteless Grocery Shopping: Attempt 1

I tried out zero waste grocery shopping yesterday at Reading Terminal Market. I was only partially successful since I was with my father and he’s not quite fully on board with what I’m doing (if you’re reading this dad, hi and I love you!) so I didn’t take the time to stop by my apartment and come armed with mason jars for bulk items/meat/fish/cheese. As a result, I bought mostly vegetables from Iovine Brothers Produce and the Fair Food Farmstand. The cashier at FFF was super sweet at checkout when I told her about this project and asked if she would take the plastic bag the lettuce had come in (while dad said ‘people are waiting, hurry up!’ through gritted teeth). She said the lettuce came like this from the farm, so they could ‘t reuse it, but she stuffed it in her apron anyway. This small action helped me avoid taking home an extra piece of plastic/what would eventually become waste. I did end up buying a piece of flounder, though, which was wrapped in parchment paper then double-bagged in plastic bag (I cringed as I saw the layers going on). I declined the larger plastic bag and left it with the vendor, but accepted the other (fish juice over over everything isn’t fun.) I wanted to buy cashews and coconut flakes to make monkey salad. Not having mason jars, though, I decided to seek those items out when I was better prepared.

My loot:
-flounder (1/2 lb)
-eggs (1 dozen)
-sweet potatoes (3)
-apples (3)
-carrots (2)
-lettuce (minus the plastic bag)
-onion (1)
-grape tomatoes (1 pint)
-lacitano kale (1 bunch)
-broccoli (1 head)
-avocados (3)


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