Nonnegotiable Waste

I’m going to produce waste. It’s inevitable. There will be waste that I can predict and circumvent, there will be waste that I don’t anticipate and have to guiltily display here and there will be the waste that I know that I will produce that I’m not willing to give up. These are my non-negotiable waste items:

-contact lenses and the plastic sealed containers they come in (I will get LASIK one day when I have the $$ for it)
-the plastic cap on contact lens solution bottles
-toilet paper (if I was in Europe or Japan with fancy toilets and bidets, maybe I would take this off the list, but only maybe
-stickers on fruit and vegetables
-plastic and foil packaging on certain pharmaceutical and medical products (as much as I want to wrap plantain leaves around my wounds and rub jewelweed into poison ivy rashes, I’m a bit of a klutz/temper tantrum-throwing baby when it comes to bumps and bruises)

What are your purposefully non-negotiable waste items? Did I miss any from my list?


One thought on “Nonnegotiable Waste

  1. I’m also not giving up toilet paper, but I’m trying to find some that is not wrapped in plastic (but that’s hard to find in Quebec). Also, the food packaging and litter of my cat, because she as a prescription food and because I haven’t found litter in bulk, if that even exists. 🙂


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