Makeup Ratings via the Environmental Working Group (EWG)

I love the Environmental Working Group. They give me great, well researched information and freak me out and get me mad that corporations are making products that are toxic to our health and we don’t even really know it. I am especially fond of the Skip Deep portion of their website, which tells me about my personal care products. I only discovered them recently, but I decided that I wanted to know more about my makeup and the ratings they give them. If something is above a 6 on their rating scale, I’m getting rid of it. Also, if anything has parabens, I’m definitely tossing it.


Brands included here: NARS, Stila, Urban Decay, Burts Bees, Smashbox, Laura Mercier, Lancome, Maybelline and Clinique.

NARS Ratings

Orgasm Blush: 6 (has parabens; tossing it)

Silk Road Eyeshadow: 6 (has parabens; tossing it)

Koala + Carpates Eyeliner (not rated, but there are no parabens and after looking up the individaul ingredients, only a few had 3 or 4 ratings, so I feel pretty ok about these)

Piree Lip Gloss: not rated (other lip glosses have parabens; tossing it)

Sex Machine Velvet Matte Lip Pencil: 6 (has parabens; tossing it

Verdict: Parabens up the wazoo. These are getting trashed immediately.

Urban Decay Ratings

Naked 3 eyeshadow set: no rating

Shame Lipstick: no rating

Verdict: I’m going to research the ingredients further and decide from there, but I’m leaning towards just trying to use it up.

Stila Ratings

Perfect and Correct Foundation Fair: 7

Portrait of a Perfect Eye Eyeshadow Palette: no rating (but the ingredients seem to be fairly benign)

Verdict: tossing the foundation right away!

Lancome Ratings

Juicy Tube Moulin Rose: no rating (one ingredient, citral, is a banned fragrance in the EU, though, and rated a 7 on the EWG website)

Lavender Grace Eyeshadow: no rating

Verdict: tossing the juicy tube, need more information on the eyshadow

Burts Bees Rating

Facial Cleansing Towelettes with White Tea Extract: no rating, but other towelettes are a 4 (one ingredient, citral, is a banned fragrance in the EU, though, and rated a 7 on the EWG website)

Verdict: using these up and never buying them again

Smashbox Rating

Photo Set Finishing Powder: (no rating, but other powders are a 4 and individual ingredients seem fairly benign)

Verdict: this has been discontinued, so even if I wanted to, I couldn’t buy it again

Laura Mercier Rating

Sable Eye Colour: no rating

Verdict: need more information

Clinique Rating

Red-y To Wear Lipstick: no rating (contains octinoxate for spf, which has evidence to be an endocrine disrupter)

Verdict: tossing this along with my other non-zinc oxide sunscreen products)

Maybelline Rating

Great Lash Mascara: either a 3 or a 5?

Verdict: finish and don’t buy again

Overall comments: Wow. I am now pretty much down to eye products only as a result of this exercise (which is fine because that’s kind of all I use anyway.) But I do need to figure out some foundation options for when I have need to be a bit fancy. EWG has some brand suggestions, which is great. What about DIY options? Gotta investigate…


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